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Membership Options

Membership Options

A membership at Concierge Medicine/LA is like a health club membership, but for health care. Your membership gives you unparalleled access to physicians and services at Concierge Medicine/LA for one monthly fee.

Monthly Membership Fees

Please see our side-by-side comparison to determine which membership best fits your needs.

Initiation Fee
Age Range

Payment Options

  • Pay as you go: Monthly Payment Plan.
  • Save 10% off fees: Annual Payment Plan.

Incidental Fees

Your monthly care fee covers the primary and preventive care services described on the services page of our website. However, at times your care may require durable medical supplies or third-party services that are not included in your monthly care fee (i.e., specialists or hospital services). You may be asked to pay additional fees for items such as prescription medications, advanced laboratory tests and outside services such as pathology services.

Your insurance may cover all or a portion of the incidental fees. Our dedicated staff can help you to understand your benefits and to obtain reimbursement from your insurance carrier.

Membership Contract

There is no long-term contract at Concierge Medicine/LA for standard memberships. You may cancel your membership at anytime with one month’s notice.

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