concierge medicine los angeles exclusively provides the presidential physical
Health Care unequaled - concierge medicine los angeles


Annual Membership Benefits
• 24/7 access to your personal physician via cell phone
• Comprehensive yearly “Presidential Physical”
• Well credentialed physicians
• No waiting
• Same day appointments
• Unhurried visits
• “Best of the Best” referral network
• Clients who are out of town can call their physician directly
• Multi-physician meetings for second opinions
• Dedicated support staff for patients
• House calls Available
• Weekend Appointments Available
• Direct physician contact with specialists
• Our affiliated hospitals have no staff in training
• Complimentary valet parking in the building
• No deductible. No co-payments. One flat fee.

Services Included in Annual Membership Fee
• Basic Blood Tests
• Expedited Test Results
• Basic X-Rays
• Flu Shots
• Basic Vaccinations
• Heart EKG’s
• Weight Loss/Exercise Programs
• Yearly Gynecologic Exam
• Pap Smears
• Comprehensive Wellness and Lifestyle Consultation

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