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Concierge Medicine/LA aims to deliver the absolute best healthcare possible.

We wish to do this in the most compassionate, patient, caring, and advanced way possible. With this goal in mind, the staff would like to hear your thoughts about your experience at Concierge Medicine/LA. Please take a moment to fill out the survey below.

The results of our surveys are reported in a confidential and summarized format to protect the privacy of our patients.

We sincerely appreciate your feedback.

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My physician was compassionate
I trust my physician
My physician was patient with me
All my questions were addressed thoroughly by my doctor
My physician was knowledgeable
My doctor explained everything clearly
My physician was friendly
I feel comfortable talking to my doctor
Office staff was friendly
Office staff took care of my needs
I would recommend Concierge Medicine/ LA without hesitation
The office was clean and pleasant to be in
I am receiving the best healthcare possible
I felt comfortable at the office
I was seen promptly at the office
In the following box, please give us your thoughts and feedback about Concierge Medicine/LA.

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