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Executive Health

Beyond Concierge Medicine/LA’s Presidential Physical, we offer an executive health package that aims to ensure your executives and corporate health.

Concierge Medicine/LA has actively been involved with companies to protect the health of their key employees.

The executive healthcare program at Concierge Medicine/LA includes the following:
1. Physician office hours onsite at your company
2. Nurse visits to vaccinate employees
3. Educational seminars on how to be live healthy, stress free, and longer.
4. Ergonomic evaluations of employee workstations

By keeping critical employee healthy, companies minimize sick days and the stress that comes from having a key employee absent due to a medical issue. Having a physician on-site periodically for office visits is beneficial to companies since it improves access to healthcare and reduces travel and wait times when your employees wish to have a medical office visit.

To learn more about our executive and corporate healthcare services, please call Concierge Medicine/LA at 310-826-2555.

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