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Virtual Second Opinion

Knowledge is power and second opinions are always a must when confronting a challenging medical issue. For this reason, Concierge Medicine/LA has implemented a telephone/online consulting program that can allow you to get a second opinion and the approach to address your particular medical problem. We will implement our “Best of the Best” thinking to help you and to ensure that you are truly getting care that is “fit for a President”. There are obviously some limitations in terms of the recommendations that we give since you will not be physically present in our office for an examination. For this reason, you will need to sign a waiver document that demonstrates your understanding of this. Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work? Fill out the following forms and fax them to (or scan and email it to) our office. We will then set an appointment for you to speak with one of our physicians.
  1. Patient Intake Forms
  2. Agreement & Waiver
  3. Financial Policy/Credit Card Authorization Form
Please call our office at 310-826-2555 to have the forms faxed or emailed to you.
What are some things that a phone consultation with a Concierge Medicine/LA physician can help me with?
  1. Phone consultation to answer questions and lay down the most appropriate approach to your medical problem
  2. Review of your complete medical record
  3. Medical Literature Research
  4. Clinical Trial Research
  5. Physician to physician consults with world recognized specialists
  6. Alternative Treatment Research/Recommendations

How much does it cost? Our phone consulting rate is $400 every hour with a one hour minimum. Consults are billed in 10 minute increments. If you wish for our physicians to perform any medical literature search or to consult with our “Best of the Best” network of physician specialists, that will be billed at the same rate.
How do I teleconference with the physician? Patients can opt to speak with the physician via telephone or teleconference via Skype. Using Skype is helpful as it allows for a virtual face to face meeting with a Concierge Medicine/LA physician. To do the consultation using Skype, you will need a Skype account and a computer equipped with a microphone and camera.
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