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Micronutrient Testing

Concierge Medicine/LA offers the only test that takes Biochemical Individuality, Absorption, Chronic Illness, Aging, Lifestyle and many other factors into consideration to identify your nutrient status.

With this information, specific deficiencies that could negatively influence your health may be corrected.


Are YOU getting the nutrients YOU need?

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Why is nutrient status important?

Vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies have been shown to suppress the function of the immune system which can contribute to degenerative processes such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You may be deficient in some vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and/or other essential micronutrients and not even know it.

Standard test results do not measure if the nutrient is properly functioning within the body.

Concierge Medicine/LA offers an exclusive, patented MicroNutrient Test to measure the function of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential micronutrients within your white blood cells. Analysis can reveal a person’s functional nutrient status over a much longer time period than a conventional serum testing which yields a more meaningful measurement of nutritional status than all other nutritional testing.


If this describes all or part of your lifestyle, read on. Many people work on improving their health, yet some individuals still have deficiencies. Why?

Biochemical Individuality

Because each of us is metabolically and biochemically unique, the micronutrient requirements for one person may be quite different than the requirements of another.


Although you may eat a balanced diet, if you do not absorb vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and/or other essential micronutrients properly, you will have deficiencies.

Chronic Illness

Health conditions such as arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, fatigue and multiple sclerosis, to name a few, can be affected, directly or indirectly, by micronutrient deficiencies.


Our micronutrient requirements at age 30 are quite different from our requirements at age 40, 50 and beyond. Absorption difficulties, especially of vitamin B12, quite commonly occur as we age.


Excessive physical activity, prescription drugs, smoking, alcohol and sedentary habits all impact micronutrient demands.

Comprehensive Nutritional Panel
You may be deficient in these vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and/or other essential micronutrients and not even know it.

Vitamins Minerals Amino Acids Antioxidants Carbohydrate Metabolism, Fatty Acids & Metabolites

BiotinCalciumAsparagineAlpha Lipoic AcidCarnitineFolateCopperGlutamineCoenzyme Q10CholinePantothenateMagnesiumSerineCysteineChromiumVitamin AZinc
GlutathioneFructose SensitivityVitamin B1
SeleniumGlucose/Insulin MetabolismVitamin B2
Vitamin EInositolVitamin B3
Spectrox™ (Total
Function)Oleic AcidVitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin K

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